County Arts Club

Honours Boards (Indoor)

Men's Hansell Summer League
2019Dennis Gibson
2018Alan Akers
2017Derek Hutson
2016Dennis Gibson
2015Dennis Gibson
2014Brian Bamber
2013Mike Burgess
2012Malcolm Cleaver
2011Malcolm Cleaver
2010Les Holdom
2009Brian Bamber
2008Malcolm Cleaver
2007Chris Stone
2006Les Holdom
2005Les Holdom
2004Chris Stone
Summer Australian Pairs
2019Paul Whiffing
2018Alan Akers
2017Dennis Hansell
2016Alan Akers
2015Dennis Gibson

Honours Boards (Outdoor)

Men's William Howes Singles
2019Chris Burr
2018David Mcmillan
2017Clive Derry
2016Brian Taylor
2015Jack Larter
2014Rob French
2013Rob French
2012Rob French
2011Tom Segolo
2010Ernie Flatt
2009Roy Hubbard
2008Tom Segolo
2007Brian Taylor
2006Brian Taylor
2005Clive Derry
2004Brian Taylor
2003Brian Taylor
2002Jamie Howlett
2001Malcolm Wilson
Brian Taylor Handicap Singles
2019Brian Taylor
2018Ray Fox
2017Chris Burr
2016Chris Burr
2015Brian Taylor
2014Rob French
2013James Segolo
2012Peter Wilkinson
2011Malcolm Cleaver
2010Terry Prior
2009Dean Campbell
2008Liz McMillan
Barwell Pairs
2019Jack Larter, Dan Mills
2018Ernie Flatt, Rob French
2017Noel Jarvis, Steve Carr
2016Frank Ray, Alan Curtis
2015Barry Hunt, Trevor Webb
2014Frank Ray, Alan Curtis
2013Peter Deeley, Ray Fox
2012George McElveen, Mick Gill
2011James Segolo, Tom Segolo
2010George McElveen, Mick Gill
2009James Segolo, Tom Segolo
2008Ernie Flatt Robert French
2007Roy Calton, Brian Taylor
2006Phillip Barr, Brian Taylor
2005Jamie Howlett, Tim Stone
2004John Watkins, Tom Webster
2003Gary Blake, Brian Taylor
2002Gary Blake, Brian Taylor
2001David Bloomfield, Tommy French
Ames Triples
2019Robert Bunting, Barry Hunt, Trevor Webb
2018Roy Hubbard, Ben Curtis, Alan Curtis
2017Frank Ray, Norman Gant, Trevor Jermy
2016Roy Calton, Mick Brown, Brian Taylor
2015Roy Calton, Mick Brown, Brian Taylor
2014Arthur Havill, Tony Segolo, James Segolo
2013Barry Hunt, Graham Potter, Trevor Webb
2012Clive Derry, Peter Wilkinson, Mark Turner
2011Malcolm Cleaver, Ernie Flatt, Peter Smith
2010David Bryant, Clive Derry, Martin Rounce
2009Malcolm Cleaver, Ernie Flatt, Peter Smith
2008Roy Calton, Phillip Barr, Brian Taylor
2007Brian Parkinson, Bill Aspin, John Hilton
2006Roy Calton, Phillip Barr, Brian Taylor
2005Jamie Howlett, Steven Adcock, Tim Stone
2004Mel Elvin, Mick Brown, Eric Blackburn
2003Mel Elvin, Mick Brown, Eric Blackburn
2002Mel Elvin, Mick Brown, Eric Blackburn
2001Ron Fleury. Brian Sayer, Bill Windsor
Peter Paul Fours
2019Garry Mallett, Steve Carr, Mick Brown, Keith Edgar
2018Garry Mallett, Rob French, Mick Brown, Keith Edgar
2017Garry Mallett, Mick Brown, Steve Carr, Rob French
2016Garry Mallett, Mick Brown, Steve Carr, Rob French
2015Frank Ray, Roy Hubbard, Norman Gant, Alan Curtis
2014Roy Calton, Barry Hunt, Trevor Webb, Brian Taylor
2013Roy Calton, Barry Hunt, Trevor Webb, Brian Taylor
2012Garry Mallett, Mick Brown, Rob French, Peter smith
2011Garry Mallett, Mick Brown, Malcolm Cleaver, Rob French
2010Rob Cleaver, Mick Brown, Malcolm Cleaver, Rob French
2009Clive Derry, David Bryant, Ernie Flatt, Peter Smith
2008Roy Calton, Barry Hunt, Mel Elvin, Brian Taylor
2007Roy Calton, Barry Hunt, Phillip Barr, Brian Taylor
2006Roy Calton, Barry Hunt, Phillip Barr, Brian Taylor
2005David Goulty, David Bryant, Ron Mitchell, Len Rowe
2004Stephan Woodcock, Mel Elvin, Trevor Jermy, Mark Turner
2003Keith Tooley, Graham Spooner, Clive Derry, Nigel Ward
2002David Bussey, Lennie Basted, Mel Elvin, Ben Curtis
2001Roy Calton, Tony Barlow, Peter Woodcock, Brian Taylor
Neville Thetford Family Pairs
2019Rob Larter, Jack Larter
2018Rob Larter, Jack Larter
2017Rob Larter, Jack Larter
2016Claire Turner, Mark Turner
2015Rob Larter, Jack Larter
2013Helen Wilkinson, Peter Wilkinson
2012James Segolo, Tom Segolo
2011James Segolo, Tom Segolo
2010Jean Davey, Kevin Robinson.
2009Rob Cleaver, Malcolm Cleaver
2008Rob Cleaver, Malcolm Cleaver
2007Pat Elvin, Mel Elvin
2005Pat Elvin, Mel Elvin
2004Heather Bloomfield, David Bloomfield
2004Heather Bloomfield, David Bloomfield
2003Pauline Tomlinson, Des Tomlinson
2002Pat Elvin, Mel Elvin
2001Pauline Tomlinson, Des Tomlinson
County Arts Australian Pairs
2019Rob Larter
2018Roy Hubbard
2017David McMillan
2016Bob Hughes, Rob French
2015Ben Goff, Roy Hubbard
2014Ben Goff, Roy Hubbard
2013Ben Goff, Roy Hubbard
2012Ben Goff, Roy Hubbard
2011Roy Hubbard, Malcolm Cleaver
2010Roy Hubbard, Malcolm Cleaver
2009David McMillan, Ernie Flatt
Butler & Buttifant Cup Afternoon League
2019Peter Deeley
2018Alan Curtis
2017Peter Deeley
2016Alan Curtis
2015Alan Curtis
2014Peter Deeley
2013Lenny Basted
2012Bryan Bater
2011David Bryant
2010David Bryant
2009David Bryant
2008David Bryant
2007David Bryant
2006Nigel Ward
2005Nigel Ward
2004Dan Quantrill
2003Ron Hooper
2002Jack Buttifant
2001Buster Brown
Butler & Buttifant Shield Afternoon League
2019Alan Curtis
2018Peter Deeley
2017Alan Curtis
2016Bob Hurn
2015Lennie Basted
2014Alan Curtis
2013Alan Curtis
2012David Bryant
2011Ron Marskell
2010David Place
2009Peter Cockburn
2008Nigel Ward
2007Ron Hooper
2006Ron Hooper
2005John Fox
2004Nigel Ward
2003Ray Bussey
2002Nigel Ward
2001Brian Elvin
Smith Evening Open League
2019Mick Russen
2018David Bryant
2017John Watkins
2016John Watkins
2015David Bryant
2014David Bryant
2013Tristan Everett
2012David Bryant
2011David Bryant
2010Malcolm Cleaver
2009Dean Campbell
2008David Bryant
2007Ben Curtis
2006Peter Cockburn
Three Monkeys Morning Triples League
2019Steve Carr
2018Steve Carr
Indoor 3 Wood Pairs
Ladies County & National Honours
2013P. Tomlinson, E. McMillan, M. Watson, S. M. Curtis
County Fours - Winners
2011M. Watson, S. R. Curtis, S. M. Curtis
County Triples - Winners
2010M. Hooper
County Champion of Champions - Winner
2009Y. Gant, E. McMillan, P. Miller, J. Grover
County Fours - Winners
2009J. Rose, P. Hatch
County Pairs - Winners
2008M. Watson
County 4 Wood Singles - Winner
2008M. Hooper
County Champion of Champions - Winner
2006M. Hooper
County Champion of Champions - Winner
2006M. Hooper, M. Watson, R. Norris
County Triples - Winners
2005M. Hooper
County 2 Wood Singles - Winner
2005J. Rose, P. Hatch
County Pairs - Winners
2002B. Parnell, V. Atthowe, F. Moll, A. Mitcham
County Fours - Winners
2002M. Hooper, R. Basted
County Pairs - Winners
2000S. R. Curtis, S. M. Curtis
County Pairs - Winners
Singles (Paul Cup)
2019Marlene Hooper
2018Jayne Roylance
2017Marlene Hooper
2016M Hooper
2015M Hooper
2014J Roylance
2013E. McMillan
2012E. McMillan
2011S. R. Curtis
2010M. Hooper
2009M. Hooper
2008M. Hooper
2007M. Hooper
2006M. Hooper
2005M. Hooper
2004H. Bloomfield
2003M. Hooper
2002R. Norris
2001S. Thompson
2000M. Hooper
2 Wood Singles (Memory Cup)
2019Marlene Hooper
2018Elizabeth McMillan
2017Sandra Curtis
2016M Hooper
2015H Watkins
2015M Hooper
2013E. McMillan
2012E. McMillan
2011V. Atthowe
2010E. McMillan
2009E. McMillan
2008E. McMillan
2007M. Hooper
2006A. Mitcham
2005M. Butler
Pairs (Bury Cup)
2019Marlene Hooper, Christine Webb
2018Helen Watkins, Sue Curtis
2017Helen Watkins, Sue Curtis
2016L Cushion, M Hooper
2015M Watson, M Hooper
2014M Watson, M Hooper
2013H. Watkins, S. M. Curtis
2012P. Tomlinson, E. McMillan
2011P. Tomlinson, E. McMillan
2010D. Moated, L. Smith
2009M. Hooper, M. Watson
2008P. Clarke, P. Hatch
2007P. Clarke, P. Hatch
2006V. Atthowe, R. Norris
2005B. Venn, M. Watson
2004M. Hooper, R. Basted
2003M. Hooper, M. Watson
2002V. Atthowe, R. Norris
2001V. Atthowe, R. Norris
2000V. Atthowe, R. Norris
Triples (Allwood Cup)
2019Denise Eves, Helen Watkins, Sandra Curtis
2018Linda Farman, Sheila Hilliard, Helen Watkins
2017Gloria Russen, Pauline Tomlinson, Liz McMillan
2016P Tomlinson, T Snelling, M Hooper
2015P Tomlinson, J Hubbard, I Andrews
2014M Hooper, D Jenkins, S.M. Curtis
2013J. Hubbard, A. Mitcham, M. Hooper
2012P. Clarke, G. Russen, S. O'Hara
2011M. Watson, E. McMillan, L. Cushion
2010L. Cushion, P. Tomlinson, H. Bater
2009K. Allen, L. Cushion, P. Heard
2008S. R. Curtis, J. Hubbard, E. McMillan
2007P. Clarke, A. Mitcham, J. Grover
2006P. Clarke, P. Tomlinson, R. Norris
2005L. Cushion, A. Parkinson, P. Clarke
2004P. Tomlinson, M. Rooney, J. Hubbard
2003A. Parkinson, H. Bloomfield, A. Mitcham
2002A. Fox, P. Miller, A. Mitcham
2001H. Sayer, A. Fox, R. Norris
2000V. Ive, M. Rooney, P. Miller
Fours (Annison Cup)
2019Janet Eaton, Pauline Tomlinson, Jax Skipper, Sheila Hilliard
2018Pat Clarke, Sandra Curtis, Christine Webb, Jayne Roylance
2017Marlene Hooper, Rita Basted, Mary Watson, Sue Curtis
2016M Hooper, R Basted, T Barraclough, S.M. Curtis
2015M Hooper, R Basted, M Watson, S.M. Curtis
2014M Hooper, R Basted, M Watson, S.M. Curtis
2013B. Venn, P. Calton, C. Webb, J. Roylance
2012P. Clarke, B. Venn, J. Rose, P. Hatch
2011P. Tomlinson, L. Cushion, V. Atthowe, E. McMillan
2010P. Clarke, J. Rose, S. R. Curtis, P. Hatch
2009P. Tomlinson, L. Cushion, E. McMillan, H. Bater
2008P. Tomlinson, L. Cushion, E. McMillan, M. Hooper
2007P. Clarke, Y. Gant, S. R. Curtis, P. Hatch
2006P. Clarke, Y. Gant, S. R. Curtis, P. Hatch
2005M. Hooper, R. Basted, J. Rose, A. Mitcham
2004P. Clarke, G. Reeve, S. Gee, P. Hatch
2003M. Watson, O. Bradshaw, H. Bloomfield, A. Mitcham
2002M. Hooper, R. Basted, F. Moll, P. Calton
2001H. Bloomfield, A. Mitcham, O. Bradshaw, R. Norris
2000H. Bloomfield, A. Mitcham, O. Bradshaw, R. Norris
Mixed Collins Mixed Pairs
2019Doris Jenkins, Peter Deeley
2018Linda Cushion, David Cushion
2017Claire Turner, Mark Turner
2016Claire Turner, Mark Turner
2015Doris Jenkins, Peter Deeley
2013Helen Wilkinson, Peter Wilkinson
2012Claire Trett, Mark Turner
2011Claire Trett, Mark Turner
2010David Bryant, Liz McMillan
2009Pauline Tomlinson, Des Tomlinson
2008David Bryant, Liz McMillan
2007Pat Clarke, Phillip Barr
2005Brenda Venn, Jamie Howlett
2004Brenda Venn, Jamie Howlett
2003Heather Bloomfield, David Bloomfield
2002Pat Clarke, Brian Taylor
2001Pat Clarke, Brian Taylor
Brian Elvin Memorial Tournament
2018Jill Oakley
2017Sue Hunt
2016Barry Bond
2015Doug Riches
2014Ray Fox
2013Ray Fox
2012Teresa Snelling